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Monday, April 17, 2017

The ends of the Earth

One hundred years of rain falling in sheets of ice
eating away at the foundations of memory
and desire.
One hundred years of the walls moaning 
and slowly giving way
to the past.
Our whole lives are monuments to loneliness
words in a dead language chiselled
on scattered monoliths.
We travel wrapped in shrouds of past laughter
in ragged wails,
in tears.
Our wings marking us as outcasts
our eyes clouded with wonders
long gone.
The sky is filled with rain clouds 
forebodings of endings
and new beginnings. 
Ashes and bloodied footprints mark my passage
and under them
new shoots.
Twin spindly bridges of black stone
one leading to the land of the living,
one beyond. 
The one will lead me to your embrace.
The other,

Saturday, March 04, 2017


I was raised by wolves 
in a land where water was poison 
and only shadows were my friends.
The wind howled with my swallowed pain.
Hecate found me bathed in my blood
and took me in as one of her own. 

Lucifer has three pairs of wings.
Black, as brilliant as night skies, to create.
Grey, to keep the balance.
And snow for death, destruction, and end.
His eyes reflect the Heavens at night,
obsidian orbs that witnessed Creation.

The dragons I command have a scorpion's tail
and the wings of a black dove.
I made them with the voids between the stars
tightly wrapped around the heart 
of a mother who killed her twins
and went mad.

My pillow is filled with small black pebbles
broken promises and chances that never came.
I don't always sleep well.
But late at night I open the door
and walk back into the Garden
I won with my tears.
I am revered there.

Now go. Do not look back.
Everything I said was true.
Never forget the name you were given
before the blade descended.
Clutch it tightly.
That's all you're allowed to take.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Wings of Erebus

Wings of Erebus

Lilith, Second one, consort of Lucifer,
Lend me your strength in this moment of need
Flow from within, flow from above
And cover me from head to toe
With the cloth of silence
With the cloak of humility
Earthly, celestial and chthonic
Goddess supreme, come to me…

Black Moon, married to the Black Sun
She who possesses the Three elements
And wears a crown of Sorrows
Mother of dragons and abominations
Opener, Bridge and Divider
Open my eyes, bridge my inside,
Make the truth plain to see
For my eyes are blinded by grief.

Wise one, Wild one, Silent one
Born of the Ocean beyond Time,
Lover of archangels and ancient gods
Liberating Serpent of creation and death,
Married to the impossible
Make me wise and wild and impossible
As I silently watch over the ocean
Of my life rage and unfold.

Forgotten one, Hidden one, Exalted one
She who rode nebulae and her laughter
Made creation shake with joy and potential,
All pathways open for her, all choices possible,
Reawaken me to the hidden reality
Of hosting heavens and nebulae and wonders
And needing no more than trust and a smile
To push those forgotten doors open again.

Thank you.

[In memory of my cats... Too many of them have died recently and today one was run over by a car. :-( ] 

Saturday, November 21, 2009

We are the raven-haired and live grave-deep.

Music: Amber Asylum: The natural philosophy of love.
It happens with pictures.
You see a picture of something or someone you desire. It reminds you of where you are and in an indirect manner, points out the fact you are nowhere near home or where you wanted to be anyway.
It is always funny considering the contrast: where you would like to be and where you actually are. Where you are is where the universe figures you’re supposed to be. Not an arbitrary guess; after all, we are the ones who give feedback to the universe concerning our understanding of the situation and where we stand. Our thoughts and actions are a moment to moment report of our progress. Nobody can fake this report or brag about achievements they haven’t made. You can lie to other people, not to the night sky. Not to matter itself. Matter sings; atoms, quarks, every little bit of what we understand as reality around us SINGS. It vibrates and dances and sings and repeats the most beautiful phrase ever:
Live and learn.
I seem to never learn. Because even though I know I am exactly where I am supposed to be, I still wish I was somewhere else.
It all passes so quickly.
[There is no such thing as time.]
It all hurts so much.
[There is no such thing as actual gain and actual loss.]
I so wish I was somewhere else.
[Yes, but demons, if found within, they travel with you.]
I can outsmart myself quite easily.
Yet feelings pour out like an ocean; unchecked, roaring, wild.
Rationalize what? Desire? Sorrow? Anger? Tears? Why even bother?
Why do we shed tears when nothing has entered our eyes? What do we try to wash out with the salty essence of experience? Perhaps our fear of death?
But Lilith.
They desecrated your garden, oh Wild one.
They desecrated your holy vagina.
They trapped you in human flesh.
They gave you a human name and a human destiny.
They took your orgasms away, oh Holy one.
They took your memories, your children and your lovers.
They gave you time in exchange for all those.
They birthed and condemned you into darkness eternal.
They seek to put your light out forever oh Wise one.
What will you do?
Nothing. It’s what I chose. I’ll ride the wave, see where it takes me, said the Wise one.
But is it what you wanted?
In the garden of No choices I’ll carve my name with blood and flame and screams, said the Wild one. Till the walls are torn down and tyrants are brought to heel.
And if this fails?
Well, I’ll just find another way. Because, after all, we are only as big as our dreams and aspirations, said the Holy one.
In the garden of earthly delights let me accept my burden, in the garden of my womb let there be Time, born again through me.
There is no such thing as time.
Live and learn.
Live and love and learn.
Nothing can stop me.
(Special thanks to Moonspell, Neil Gaiman and T. for inspiration and quotes...)